About Us

What They Say...


"This 5K helped me raise all the money I needed for camp!"

by: Kyle B, Young Life Student


What They Say...


"Easiest missions trip fundraiser!"

by: Julia S, Vista Community Church


Our Mission
The mission of Walk 4 Faith...

To support, strengthen and maximize the impact of the work of Christ in our world through a fun, healthy, community-building activity that provides for new and vital funding opportunities for churches and faith based ministries.

Walk 4 Faith has one simple goal: To help you make an eternal diffence in the world. We want to help you raise money for the church, ministry, mission or project that most moves your soul and changes the lives of others. It's just that simple.

Walk 4 Faith will provide you with a professionally organized event to help meet your funding goal: whatever your mission. We will provide you with the resources to help you be successful in raising pledges for your cause. 100% of all funds that you raise through pledges goes directly to your cause. It's just that simple.


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3857 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43214